ghost landscapes

Ghost Landscapes

A series of 4 paintings, first of their kind, each presenting one landscape at the edge of abstract art.

In this series of paintings, the dotted line serves as a powerful symbol that raises questions about the devastating impact of human activity on the environment. By referencing recognizable forms of relief, I aim to highlight the loss of habitats that is a direct consequence of human exploitation.

Whether it is the atmosphere, the oceans, or the land, no corner of the earth has been left untouched by human activity. Through a pseudo-minimalist approach, I create meticulously planned works that capture the fragility of nature and the destruction wrought by human actions.

These paintings are a testament to the fact that we live in a world where the line between the natural and the man-made is increasingly blurred. As viewers engage with this series, they are prompted to question their own relationship with the environment and to recognize the extent to which our actions impact the natural world.

It is my hope that through this series, viewers will be inspired to take action to protect the environment and the habitats that are at risk of being lost forever. By encouraging a more mindful relationship with nature, we can work to preserve the beauty and biodiversity of our planet for future generations to come.

Acting as a proof of concept, similar works of various sizes and colors combinations can be commissioned on request.

white ink on gray paper
29.6 x 21 cm

cliff shore
sunset by the sea